We started our son out in Jillian’s group over the summer and quickly learned that it was so much more than a summer program! Our son loved going to practice right away and couldn’t wait to return each day. He made friends right away with the other kids and found a talented and caring mentor in Jillian. It was no question that he would continue after the summer, and his vocals and on-stage skills have continued to grow with every performance thanks to Jillian. We especially appreciate how she meets the kids where they are at and fosters their talent and self-esteem to give them the confidence to be successful in shows and in life. Our son is more confident and has become more of a leader since joining the group, and we are incredibly grateful!

Katie G.

My daughter joined AZ Idols four years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was finally able to put to use her talents of singing, dancing, and acting on the big stage. Jillian has brought out her confidence and creativity and has taught her how to shine while performing. My daughter has been doing private voice lessons as well. We are blown away with how far she has come. Jillian has taken my daughter’s good singing voice and turned it into an incredible one, all while being a positive mentor along the way. The friendships that my daughter has formed have been such an added bonus to this whole experience. The AZ Idol group is truly a family filled with passionate, kind, and incredibly talented kids.


We have 2 daughters in AZ Idols! During our time with Jillian and the AZ Idols, we have really become like family. She is such a wonderful influence on this special group of kids. She leads with her heart and her faith and just absolutely loves these kids - and it shows! Jillian was truly born to perform and to teach this next generation of leaders, both on stage and beyond. So many skill sets are being honed here: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Performing, Choreography, and Teamwork! And those are just the ones on stage! The rest are universal that will bleed into their everyday lives: confidence, kindness, hard work, leadership, presentation, compassion, respect, creativity, and friendship! We love who our girls have become since joining the AZ Idols!

Jenny & Eric E.

My daughter has been attending AZ Idol Superstars for the past two years and I could not be more pleased with the results. She has grown so much as a performer, and I can truly see her love of singing, acting, and dancing come alive each time she steps onto the stage. She is always eager to learn new things and is constantly expanding her skills. Jillian is always professional and welcoming, and have provided a safe and encouraging environment for my daughter to thrive in. I am so proud of the progress she has made and I highly recommend AZ Idol Superstars to any aspiring performer.

Maggy D.